# JSON / REST YikeSite provides a JSON API for viewing account information, creating/updating/deleting pages, and managing customers. Detailed examples are provided in the documentation for all JSON API calls. # Submit URL & Parameters YikeSite's API responds with JSON and is accessed using the HTTP methods GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE. The `api_key` parameter is required on all method calls. The YikeSite API endpoint is: https://api.yikesite.com/api/ ## Example Application We maintain an example [Ruby on Rails](http://rubyonrails.org/) application to demonstrate the capabilities of our API. [View the source code on GitHub](http://github.com/animikii/YikeSiteExample), or [try out the example app on Heroku](http://yikesite-api.herokuapp.com/). ## Navigating the Documentation Use the links on the right to view the documentation for each of the APIs YikeSite provides. On each individual page, required parameters and detailed examples are provided.